Familys Brand Sardines

Simply Phenomenal. FAMILY’s Brand Sardines is undoubtedly the fastest growing sardines brand in the Philippines. In just over a decade of existence, it has developed a strong following, garnering a significant market share and establishing a formidable foothold among consumers across the country. And as validation to its adherence to quality, FAMILY’s Brand Sardines has been conferred a number of distinguished awards, both local and international, including the prestigious International Europe Award for Quality.

Family’s Brand Sardines comes in the number of variant to suit every Filipino’s discriminating taste, including sardines in tomato sauce, with or without chili, sardines in barbeque sauce, fried sardines in coconut milk, Spanish style sardines, and mackerel in tomato sauce. Each can of sardine is guaranteed to be fresh, tasty and packed with quality fish caught by the company’s own fishing vessels. In fact, Family’s Brand Sardines was recently awarded the …

Agora Product Excellence Award
Philippine Star Brand Award
National Product Quality Excellence Award
National Shopper’s Choice Award
Philippine Marketing Excellence Award
Philippine Business Excellence Award

… for the Most Outstanding Sardines Brand in the country. Not a simple feat for a sardines just over 8 years in the market, and a well-deserved recognition of it's efforts in providing excellent product quality


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